Slow but Steady

Well the weekend was a bit crazy. I decided that I was going to sleep in this weekend and get up earlier next weekend. I feel that it would be best to ease into the weekend routine. All in all I feel it worked out fantastic.

Saturday was a very busy day with errands to run and things to get done. We headed to my in-laws so that we could celebrate her birthday. Friday we headed out to my brothers to get our taxes complete. We did fairly well, depending on how you look at it. We have decided that this year we are going to take the kids on a family trip to Disneyland in May. Anni would tell you that I am beyond excited about this. It will be just us, so it should be loads of fun. It is going to cost us more then we like to spend, but we feel that we need to create memories with our kids now. Now we get the chance to start looking how we want to go about it. Again, I am super excited. Sunday was relaxing as we had church and then came home and relaxed. We then proceded to head north one more time for an extended family birthday party for my Mother in Law and Brother in Law. It was a good weekend.

How am I doing on my goals? Really well actually. I thought today was going to be harder to get out of bed. But I was up and ready to go just after 5:30. I knew I had to get going as I had a ton of dishes to get done and a few other things as well. I was not able to accomplish all the items, like picking up the kiddo’s toys (Sorry love). But I was able to read the scriptures which is great to get done.

Except for the weekend I have done great with reading the scriptures. Truth be told I did not get them read over the weekend. Need to find the time to get that one done, OOPS! But I can already feel a change. It is real nice.

The focusing on things that I have now and things that I can control is a lot harder then I originally thought it would be. At times I do great, but others I feel I have slacked at. Again, this is a work in progress so I know it is going to take some time, but knew it would.

That is my short update for today.

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