Left Alone to Think

You could call it my own worst enemy, but when I am at work I like to think. Think of where life is for me. Think where I want life to go. Think about my kids, and just think. It is not that I think about work, it is just so simple I get to think about other things. As sad as it is, today I started to think about the month of February. It is the shortest month of the year and I remember reading on a blog once that it is one of the better months to try and tackle a goal. After all you only have 28 days (OK 29 this year) to do the task. So I am going to use that as my bases to write something everyday. Not sure what it will be about but it will be something.

Today though I want to share what is running around in my head. I want to accomplish three things this month. Here they are for me to remember.

  • Wake up every morning at 5:30. Most mornings I am awake at this time, I just do not get out of bed. I tell myself I have a half hour more. I hope by doing this it will help me be more productive with my mornings. I did not do well with this today but remember I have a freebie day cause of Leap Year.
  • Read my scriptures EVERYDAY and write my thoughts down about what has hit me. This I hope to do before I go to work, but if I do not succeed then I at least have the evening to do it.
  • With the last one I want to focus on what I have now and not what others have. I have been reading blogs, Facebook status and feeling down because I want to be like that or have that. I need to realize that I have wonderful things. So in essence I want to be grateful for one thing each day and mention it on the blog.

There we have it. I hope each day I can report on how these are going. I know it is not going to be easy, but I really need to make this change for the better.

Please join me in my journey.

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