Time for Change.

I know, I have always said it and I never really do anything about it. But last night I have made the declaration that I need HAVE to change. Change in what matters you ask, well I shall share them with you.

Last night we were playing the Wii. Elizabeth seems to like it when we play and she gets to watch. It was getting close to bed time so I was winding down. I got the the Wii main screen and was getting a few things taken care of before I shut the TV off. Well, she always wants us to play more Wii and she said that she wanted to play Wii Fit Plus. Realizing that we had not weighed the kids in sometime we figured it would be okay. Shoot, we had not weighed in sometime too. So we got the program up and got the kids taken care of. Well the both had gained weight, which for them was a good thing. Anni and I however had also gained. Anni, a small amount. However I had gained a large amount. I got off and felt like a failure. I knew I was not being good and not keeping a better eye on the things I need. When I stepped off the scale I told myself today is the day turn it all around. I feel like crap, not pleased and happy with myself. I need to make the change and I will be doing it now. No more excuses. 

We have slowly been working on getting the finances in a better spot. We have done a lot better then i thought we would have. There are still somethings that we can improve on, and i hope that we can get them under control. Last month we had to get new tires for our Pilot. We put it off as long as we could but when we woke up to a flat after a week of putting air in the tires it was finally time. We were hoping my Christmas bonus would have been given before it needed to be done so we could use that to help. But alas it was not. We had the chance to skip a payment at our credit union and it was not the ideal option it gave us enough to help with the tires. However, we still had to put some of it on credit. The first thing i am going to concentrate on is getting that paid off first. It is on 6 months no interest. We have just under three hundred to go and have been one month paid. I am going to throw all i can at that and get it paid off.

Now is the time for change. I am working a map of what I want and need to do. Hopefully in the coming days I can get them on here and work on them.

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