-$6.57 In Checking

Well, the title pretty much sums it up. I was looking at it today and noticed that when all the bills I am in charge of go out of my account I will have a total of -$6.57 in my checking account. Ya, not a pretty thing at all. In fact this morning when I realized that I had a sick feeling in my stomach. Now it is not like it is the end of the world, my wife has about twenty bucks in her account. But, that has to last until payday NEXT week. O boy. That is here account and that is where household stuff comes out of. Let’s just say that the next week is going to be fun.

The good point with all this of course is it has got me thinking about our finances again. Even though they have never been in the best shape to begin with. But today is the day this all changes. Last week when I got paid I discovered that my jump drive had burned out, and of course I never did do a backup on the thing. Lesson learned, finances are not to be completed on a jump drive. So this gives me a clean start with everything, actually a great feeling.  The paycheck for next month starts at the begining of the month, so I can start with a new thing. But, this time I am going to be doing them at home where I will be able to back them up. I am really hoping that we can start to see some success with getting this debt monkey off our backs. Here is what I am thinking of doing.

  1. We need a budget. We have recently discovered that if I pay the fixed bills and my wife takes care of the extra stuff it works for us. But to be honest I always fly by the seat of my pants on what my check amounts are and where the bills go. This weekend I want to create a budget based on me working 43 hours a week. (I work a ton of overtime which is nice). By doing this I will be able to have extra money for paying things down.
  2. For the next two months I am going to pay the minimum on the CC’s. I do not like this idea at all, but looking at it if i do this that will allow me to pay for Christmas without adding to the debt. Also it will allow me to allocate some money to a few lower items that have been nagging at me.
  3. I want to post my daily struggles with what I am going through. Should be a fun ride, you should join me.

Ya, it is not ideal but I need to start to get working on this. I have long term goals that I want to start working on, but need to get a control of things first. Please, come join me in the adventure of our life.

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