2 Choices

I was able to do something this morning that I normally do not get to do, take public transit. Growing up my father worked for the local transit company. That allowed us to have free bus passes. I loved riding the bus to places, his work, my friends house and even to a summer job. As years went by the rides were fewer and fewer. While I was on my mission my dad was let go, it was actually a blessing for him, and the free yearly passes were gone. When I enrolled in the local community college as a student I could get a free one. I had one throughout college and tried to take the bus as often as I could. I loved it, worry free commute and time to think. Well, today we have an eye doctors appointment for my daughter. My wife likes me to go to these ones as my daughter inherited my poor eyes. We have found it easier as well. When we have this appointment I take public transit to work so we only have one car, the appointment is close to my employment. As I was riding the rails today I thought, and as I walked the longer distance then was planned I thought a lot too. Here is what I thought about, and decided to do.

I pondered about things in my life, where things are right now, where I want things to be in the next few years. The areas included, my family, my health, our finacial situation, my current employment and my level of happiness. (looking at that list it sure is a lot in just over an hour of commuting.) I just let my mind wander really, which was really nice. As I was thinking I kept asking my self what I could work on for that catergory or improve on. There was one thing that I kept going back too. I have two choices.

  1. I can do nothing about it and just keep letting it worry me, or
  2. I can do something about it and let it change my life.

It would be easier to pick #1, but I want to see a productive change in life, so I am going to pick #2. I want to see change and I want to see if change my life. And the most important thing with this all, the change starts today!

I pick #2!


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