The Long Climb Ahead

I love to hike. I have not done much in the past few years, but there is something that is soothing to head out to the hills and see the beauty of this land. My wife and I have made it a goal to try to get out a little more this year and do some, unfortunately it seems like our weekends get full so it gets bumped. There is a Mountain in the Unitah National Forest Called Bald Mountain, it is about a 2 mile hike straight up hill it seems. I reference this as it is the only mountain i have frequently climbed. The reason i reference this will come to play later on.

This past Friday my wife and I had an appointment with a financial planner. We discovered around the time I posted the last blog that our credit was a mess. Our scores were low and we want to get on the correct path and get it corrected. As we sat there talking to her about what we call our financial mess it was clear it was not good. She looked out or debt to income ratio and I had to pick myself up off the floor, it was high, actually too high. She then started to look at our previous 30 days bank activity. Ya it got worse, we spend too much on crap we do not need. Needless to say we walked out of the appointment humbled and ready to correct the mess. You could say we walked out of the bank looking at our Mount Everest, hence the long climb ahead.

I am looking at our debt situation like a mountain, something I can relate too. It is hard to get the motivation to get going up the hill. But once you get started then it is easy for you to keep going till you get to the top. Now you would think the top is the end, and in a hike yes it is. That is what you started out doing and you want to make it to the top. But I feel that being at the top you are not complete with your hike, you still have to go down and get back to the car. In paying of this mountain of debt we have, we need to get the motivation to get the “hike” started. We then need to keep climbing up to the top, or in this case the half way point. Once there you can then enjoy the view and know that going down the mountain will be easier than climbing up, after all it is all down hill from there. So once we get to the halfway point it will then be easier to accomplish the task of paying of the debt. It is easier once you get to the down hill-side because at that point you will want to finish.

Take it for what it is worth, i think this will help me out. In the coming days I hope to bring you along on this hike and let you see where we stand on this mountain. First thing we need to do is go through the bank statements from the beginning of the year and see where all the money went.

Feel free to join, after all hiking is good for everyone.

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